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The most powerful camcorder for the iPad 2 is now available for the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch (4th generation). Capture your favorite moments in the highest quality possible: make your videos vibrant, stylized, and artistic. MovieCam Go lets you create blockbuster movie effects on the go!
moviecam go

MovieCam = Movie Magic! Take the next step, and stylize your videos like popular movies such as 300 and Sin City. Apply the effects in real-time and record exactly what you see. Zoom, pause, brighten, saturate -- MovieCam provides you powerful tools to make your movies look their best.

Even as a simple camcorder replacement, MovieCam provides added features like zoom, real-time color adjustments, and paused recording.

Stop the tedium of selecting individual pixels! SmartSplice uses advanced graphics algorithms to greatly improve the speed and ease of creating high-quality image selections. SmartSplice even handles boundaries with partial-translucency! Along with the provided image filters, this allows for some very powerful and professional-looking image effects.

StereoCam aids in the quick creation of stereo image pairs. A stereo image pair consists of two specially designed images that are placed side-by-side to allow viewers (employing an appropriate viewing technique) to see the depicted scene in full 3D.

Team up with friends (via XBOX Live, system link, or a different controller on the same XBOX 360) or embark on a solo quest to save the land from an evil wizard. To bring peace to the world, you’ll have to become a master of magic by harnessing the four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. Each magic spell possesses a different tradeoff and imparts a unique strategic advantage in combat.

Manage your contact groups and images on the go. Trade contacts and images with those you meet. No need to keep adding people to emails or remembering who to contact. Buddy Groups makes it easy to organize and trade contact information and photos in a few clicks!

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