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MovieCam Go

Capture your movies with style! MovieCam Go is a camcorder app that lets you step beyond the limitations of other camcorder apps. It provides essential recording features like 8x digital zoom, pause-and-resume recording functionality, and contrast enhancement.

It also lets you directly stylize your shots during capture. Don't put off post-processing until shooting has ended only to discover that the shot wasn't quite right. With MovieCam, what you see is what you get! Achieve effects like those seen in blockbuster movies such as 300 and Sin City.
· 8x digital zoom: frame your shot exactly the way you want.
· Pause video/audio recording, and continue later.
· Fine-tune and adjust effects in real-time (even while recording)
· Auto focus/expsoure controls
· Supports front-facing and back-facing cameras
· Orientation meta-data saved for correct playback on iOS devices
· What you see is what you get.
Movie Effect Presets:
· Vintage
Give your movies an archival look
· Oil Paint
Make your movie look like it was painted
· Gothic
Dark, moody, and high-contrast. Like Sin City. Option to preserve red colors.
· Golden Red
The Spartan look. Casts golden hues and preserves bright reds.
· Romantic
Give your movie a bright and soft look.
· Moonlit
Starry night with blue and yellow hues.
· Video Game
Give everything a retro-game look.
· Newscast
Be a news reporter! Newscast gives your movie a broadcast feel.
· Normal
An upgrade over the iPad's built-in camcorder. Zoom, change brightness, adjust contrast, etc.
MovieCam Go Layout:
MovieCam Go is extremely easy to use. Click the wand in the bottom-left corner to select a movie effect. Press the levers next to the wand to bring up advanced options (exact options change per effect). Click on the "Settings" in the bottom-right corner to change camera resolutions. Tap the screen to bring up the zoom control.
Selecting An Effect:
Selecting a movie effect has never been easier. Click the wand in the lower left-hand corner of the view-finder screen, and MovieCam will show you 9 movie presets -- all updating in real-time! Simply tap on the effect you want.
Don’t waste any time. Get MovieCam Go now!
MovieCam Go is available on the iTunes App Store.
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