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for iPad 2, iPhone 4, or iPod Touch (4th gen).
NEW! The most powerful camcorder application for the iPad comes to the iPhone: MovieCam Go!

The users and critics agree: MovieCam is the must have app for any anyone who wants to use the camera on the iPad 2:
This app is tremendously fun and easy to use. The price is right and the features are plentiful. If you have an iPad 2, you will want this app.
What I liked: Everything. This app is a lot of fun. If you use the video function of your iPad 2, or would like to, then this app is worth buying...
100% must have photography app!!! With excellent in-built features and movie-like effects, this is one of the best iPad applications.
Robert Fisher (on

MovieCam is a camcorder app that lets you step beyond the limitations of other camcorder apps. It provides essential recording features like 8x digital zoom, pause-and-resume recording functionality, and contrast enhancement.

It also lets you directly stylize your shots during capture. Don't put off post-processing until shooting has ended only to discover that the shot wasn't quite right. With MovieCam, what you see is what you get!

Achieve effects like those seen in blockbuster movies such as 300 and Sin City.
Learn more about the iPhone/iPod version...
Learn more about the iPad 2 version...
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