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StereoCam aids in the quick creation of stereo image pairs. A stereo image pair consists of two specially designed images that are placed side-by-side to allow viewers (employing an appropriate viewing technique) to see the depicted scene in full 3D.
(1) Create “parallel” or “cross-eyed” image pairs.
(2) Fast and simple creation tools:
- Camera interface pops up with instructions.
- Zooming one image automatically zooms the other.
- Drag images to re-center or re-align.
(3) Save in high-resolution so photos can be downloaded and printed if desired (or used to drive upcoming high-definition 3D display technologies).
Viewing technique:
The iPhone’s dimensions make it a very appropriate display device for stereo image pairs. For good results, view the generated stereo image pairs in landscape mode using either the iPhone’s normal photo viewer or the “View Image” function in StereoCam.
Stereo image pairs come in two flavors: parallel and cross-eyed. These names refer to the methods used to view each type.
Parallel: In parallel viewing, the left eye is meant to see the left image and the right eye is meant to see the right image. When successful, a third (3D) image will appear in the middle between the pair of images.

Many first-time viewers find the following approach helpful: Put the display (in landscape position) right in front of the eyes while looking straight ahead. Do not focus on the screen, but let the left eye naturally look forward into the left image and the right eye into the right image. Slowly pull the display outward farther away from the eyes. Slowly allow your gaze to focus on the 3rd image in the middle which should appear in full 3D. Getting the viewing technique down takes some patience and practice, but once learned, it allows for some stunning results.
Cross-eyed: In cross-eyed viewing, the left eye is meant to see the right image and the right eye is meant to see the left image. Focus on a point in front of the display (i.e., cross your eyes) to see pairs of this type.
Example images captured by StereoCam are shown on this page. Each image is in “parallel” format.
StereoCam can be purchased on the iTunes App Store.
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