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BuddyGroups Tutorial 3: Bluetooth


Connecting to a Peer:

Once you select “Nearby,” a list will appear showing all other Bluetooth clients nearby.  If you do not see any names listed (and expect others to be online), please make sure your device’s Bluetooth is on.

Touch and Connect!

Tap on the name of the user you wish to connect to. Buddy Groups will send an invite to the peer device.

Alternatively, someone may invite you to trade information with them, in which case you will receive an invite where you may accept or decline the invitation.

Once a connection is accepted, both devices will be brought to the “Trade” screen (the second screen shown below):

If Bluetooth is ON, the symbol on the left should be visible on your iPhone/iPod’s status bar at the top of the screen (next to the battery life indicator).

You are now ready to trade contact information or galleries. To learn how, continue by clicking “Trading Contact Information and Galleries.