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Capture your movies with style! MovieCam is a camcorder app that lets you step beyond the limitations of other camcorder apps. It provides essential recording features like 8x digital zoom, pause-and-resume recording functionality, and contrast enhancement.

It also lets you directly stylize your shots during capture. Don't put off post-processing until shooting has ended only to discover that the shot wasn't quite right. With MovieCam, what you see is what you get! Achieve effects like those seen in blockbuster movies such as 300 and Sin City.
· 8x digital zoom: frame your shot exactly the way you want.
· Pause video/audio recording, and continue later.
· DVD quality, hi-def (720p), or low-bitrate recording options
· Fine-tune and adjust effects in real-time (even while recording)
· Supports front-facing and back-facing cameras
· Landscape and portrait orientation meta-data saved for correct playback on iOS devices
· What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).
· Convenient snapshot button for taking quick photos.
Special Effects:
MovieCam = Movie Magic! With 18 movie effect presets and unlimited flexibility in tweaking parameters, MovieCam is the ultimate camcorder app for making movies! Here are just some of the effects available:
Oil paint, newscast, romantic, vintage, normal, golden red, gothic, moonlit, video game.
Posterize, fisheye, halftone, 1920s, parchment sketch, tilt-shift, radial focus, thermal/night vision, cartoon.
Normal is not so ordinary. MovieCam provides options to enhance contrast, color saturation, brightness, and hue.
Oil Paint:
Capture the world as if it were oil painted.
Newscast emulates the aliasing typically seen when filming a monitor or TV. Sliders are provided to adjust the strength of the artifacts as well as the tint.
The romantic effect applies a soft edge to the video while also letting light bleed into the neighboring objects. This is an effect typically used when shooting romantic scenes.
Age your video. Give your movie an old-styled look.
Golden Red:
This is the Spartan effect: highlight red and golden tones.
Dark, moody, high-contrast. Like Sin City. Option to highlight reds.
Starry night. Highlights blues and yellows.
Video Game:
This is a retro video game look. Sliders will adjust the amount of pixelation and color depth.
This is an effect that emulates what was originally done with photographic processes to create posters. It typically causes changes in color tone.
A fisheye lens is a popular instrument employed by many film directors to create a barreling effect or distort the perceived rate of movement. It is also just really cool.
Halftone is a comic book printing style. It is typically recognized by the use of varying sized dots to depict imagery.
The 1920s was the decade when movies were typically black and white or slightly tinted. Sliders are provided to adjust the level of tint and color.
Parchment Sketch:
This effect turns images into pencil sketches drawn on parchment paper.
Tilt-shift applies macro-like effects for miniturization.
Radial Focus:
The radial focus effect is a radially controlled vignette, blur, and desaturation. This is often used to draw attention to a central key figure.
Thermal / Night vision:
The thermal effect emulates an infra-red view style. By adjusting the effects slider toward night vision, the effect closely emulates what soldiers might see using image-intesifier night-vision goggles.
The cartoon effect provides salient edges with a water coloring.
Getting Started:
MovieCam has been designed with simplicity in mind. The largest button is always "Record" or "Stop."
Starting with MovieCam version 2.0, we have re-designed the user interface to maximize ergonomic comfort and reduce the need to shuffle your hands while recording. After analyzing how people hold the iPad for long periods of time, we have split the interface into two components: (1) the main recording panel and (2) the options panel. The position of these panels are adjustable by tapping and dragging the panels where you see the crossed arrow symbol:
Main Recording Panel
The main recording panel has two main buttons and a zoom slider. The larger button is the primary function, which will either be "Record" or "Stop." The smaller button is the secondary function, which provides options to take a photo snapshot, pause recording, or stop recording (if paused). To zoom in, move the outside slider toward the symbol (up). To zoom out, move the slider toward the symbol (down).
Options Panel
The options panel contains three buttons: (1) Special effects selection, (2) Effects adjustments, and (3) Settings.

To select a movie effect, tap on the grid icon (which represents the grid of effects available). A grid of nine effects will be displayed for you to choose from. You may swipe the screen (or tap on the arrow buttons) to preview the next set of effects. When you have found the effect you want, tap on the effect to start using it.

To adjust the current movie effect, tap on the icon of sliders. A window (of sliders) will appear, allowing the user to tweak the current effect. Simply tap outside the window to hide it.

Finally, tap on the gears icon to bring up "Settings." MovieCam allows the user to change camera resolutions, switch user interface modes, and enable/disable audio.
Switching the Camera:
Tap on the camera icon in the upper right corner to switch between front and back cameras. Only the back-facing camera supports HD (720p) resolutions.
The User Interface:
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