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Buddy Groups

Manage your contact groups and images on the go! Trade contacts and images with those you meet. No need to keep adding people to emails or remembering who to contact. Buddy Groups makes it easy to organize and trade contact information and photos in a few clicks!
- Quickly define contact groups and image galleries
- Trade groups and galleries over WIFI, Bluetooth, and Email*
- Define profiles with separate privacy levels (e.g., personal & business).
- Trade contact information based on your custom profiles.
- Easily manage galleries and add captions to photos
- Trade image galleries over WIFI or Bluetooth
- Quickly browse galleries with automatically generated thumbnails
- Trade contact and group information over WIFI or Bluetooth
- Email business cards using the standard vcf file format
- Email multiple attachments: images and business cards
- Auto-generate groups for "people living in the same city" or "people working at the same company/school"
- Choose between 12 visual themes
- Set a bookmark to bring you to your favorite group upon startup
- Sort group member lists by first name or last name
- Browse helpful instructions and notes for more information
- Enables Smart Splice and Smart Splice Lite to access your organized galleries for powerful image editing and touch-ups.
- Copy images to (system-wide) clipboard to paste into other apps.
Buddy Groups can be purchased on the iTunes App Store.
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