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A Wizard's Odyssey

“A Wizard’s Odyssey [is an] enjoyable independent game and goes to show you what is meant to be on Microsoft’s Community Games portal.”

-- Gameroutfit
Team up with friends (via XBOX Live, system link, or a different controller on the same XBOX 360) or embark on a solo quest to save the land from an evil wizard. To bring peace to the world, you’ll have to become a master of magic by harnessing the four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. Each magic spell possesses a different tradeoff and imparts a unique strategic advantage in combat.

(1) 1-4 multiplayer co-op (same console or networked consoles).
(2) Friend invites supported on XBox Live.
(3) Voice chat supported for networked games.
(4) Upgradable magic skills as well as combination moves to be learned; each spell possesses different strategic tradeoffs.

Both the trial game and full game can be downloaded off Microsoft’s XBOX Live Community Games channel.
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