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BuddyGroups Tutorial 4: Power Tools


objective: Make the most out of buddy groups. learn advanced features

Tip #1: Bookmarks

Sometimes it is useful to refer to a group often. Buddy Groups supports a feature (Bookmark) that will let you tag a group so that Buddy Groups will automatically bring you to that group the next time Buddy Groups is launched.

To bookmark a contact group, first select the group you wish to bookmark (by tapping on the group name on the start page). You will be brought to the Group View. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the following menu buttons:

Tap on the “Remove bookmark” to undo a bookmark. The button will return to the default “Bookmark” image.

Note: You may also undo a bookmark by selecting a different group to be bookmarked. Only one contact group may be bookmarked at a time.

Notice the “Bookmark” button on the right. Tap this to bookmark this group. You should see the button’s image change to:

Tip #2: Auto-generated Groups

Buddy Groups supports a feature to maintain two automatically generated groups: A group for people whose emails share the same company (or organization) name, and a group for people who live in the same city as you. These features can be turned on/off in “Settings -> Auto-Generated Group...”

Work Email:

If you have labeled any of your emails as a “work” email address, Buddy Groups can identify the organization name (that comes after the “@” character). Buddy Groups can then find all individuals in your address book who have an email address that ends with the same organization name.

City Groups:

If you have specified your home address (city or zip code), Buddy Groups can use this information to find others who live in the same city (or share the same zip code).

Tip #3: Changing Visual Themes

Buddy Groups provides 12 themes to choose from. From the start page, tap on “Settings.” Then select “Themes...”

Tap on the theme you would like to use. You will notice the background image change as you select new themes.

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