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BuddyGroups Tutorial 3: Data Exchange


objective: learn how to exchange contact information and images

Step 1: Connecting To Another Device


From the Buddy Groups start page, tap on the “Exchange” menu button.

A connection box will appear, asking you whether you want to connect to devices “Online” or “Nearby.”


Connecting to devices online requires WIFI to be active. Be sure you have WIFI turned on in your device’s System Settings.  Buddy Groups will then locate other Buddy Groups users connecting to the same WIFI local area network.


If you are in close physical proximity to the device you wish to connect to, you may also connect via Bluetooth. Note: Bluetooth is only supported in iPhone (3G, 3GS, or later) or iPod (2nd generation or later).

For instructions on how to connect Online, click here.

For instructions on how to connect Nearby, click here.

If you already know how to connect to a peer, click here to learn how to trade information.