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BuddyGroups Tutorial 2: Photo Fun


OBJECTIVE: viewing, copying, and editing images

Viewing Images in Galleries:


From the start screen, tap on the “Galleries” menu button. Then select the gallery you wish to browse. Finally, select the image you would like to view. You will be brought to a “Full Screen” view, where you may move, scale, or zoom the image.  Drag your finger on the screen to move the image around.  Use a pinching motion with two fingers to control zoom.

Copying or Editing the Photo:

When in “Full Screen” view, notice the “Options” button in the top right corner of the screen. Click on this to bring up photo options:

Copy to clipboard:

Select this option to copy the current image to the iPhone/iPod clipboard. This will allow you to use system copy-and-paste to paste the image in other applications.

Add to another gallery:

Select this option to copy the current image to another gallery in Buddy Groups. Note: You may also copy the image to the “[device] photo albums” which will place the image in your iPhone/iPod’s standard album picker.

Edit Image:

If you have SmartSplice or SmartSplice Lite (v2.0 or later) installed on your iPhone, selecting this option will automatically copy the image to be used in SmartSplice. From there you can apply filters, text bubbles, etc. and save them back into Buddy Groups.

For more information on how to use Smart Splice, visit our Smart Splice Tutorials here.

That’s it for Tutorial #2. Start creating those galleries!

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