BuddyGroups Tutorial 1: Getting Started

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OBJECTIVE: Learn how to organize and manage contact groups


Welcome to the first tutorial for Buddy Groups (version 2.0).  In this tutorial, we will learn how to create contact groups and create a user profile.

The “Email” button gives us the option to email any of our contact groups.

The “Exchange” button allows us to trade contact information or images.

The “Galleries” button presents our available photo galleries and allows us to manage them.

Finally, the “Settings” button presents us with options to manage our user profile, change visual themes, or manage auto-generated groups.

These features will be explained in later Buddy Groups tutorials. For now, let’s learn more about user profiles, and how it helps you.

Starting Up Buddy Groups:


Tap on the “Groups” icon (on your iPhone or iPod desktop) to run Buddy Groups.  The opening screen will appear as shown on the right. 

Note: The background image may differ since it is customizable.

A main menu (consisting of 4 buttons) shows up at the bottom of the screen.  A zoom-in of these buttons is shown below: